Since so many of the writings I’ve posted here are bits and pieces that don’t provide exposition into who my characters are and their relations, I thought it would be useful to write up a little bit about the major ones.


Agrat Uthordar (AHG-raht oo-THOR-dahr)

A half-orc from warrior stock, exiled from the Blackskull tribe for the deficiency of his blood. He’s one of those men who the doula thought was a girl when he was born, and lived as such for many years, until he introduced himself as a man. Trusting, brave, strong, and down-to-earth, but watch his temper. It’s an infamous Uthordar family trait.  He prefers simplicity and stability in life.
Mother: Grasha Uthordar
Father: Friedrich Bitar

Finnegan Fletcher/Arber

A man with only enough orcish blood to give him small tusks and pointed ears, and who didn’t know about his racial background or gender until young-adulthood. Bitter and distrusting, Finn throws morality to the wind to keep himself alive and thriving. His mind never stops moving, and neither does he, no matter the circumstances. Few things terrify him. He prefers to blend with the crowd and go unnoticed.
Mother: Victoria Fletcher
Father: Horace Fletcher

Grant Willowleaf

A halfling who only wants to prove to everyone else that he is capable of more, despite the short history of his race and culture. He feels his brilliance and innate talent are wasted on business, when he’d rather study the dying art of magic. Spurned and ambitious, he’ll do whatever he can to leave his mark on Veiadokuur, and make sure its people remember his name for generations to come.
Mother: Melanie Willowleaf
Father: Gregory Willowleaf


Maruktha (mahr-OOK-thah)

A half-orc from the Stampeder tribe, looking to learn more about other tribes’ cultures and unite orcs in response to political changes in the southern part of the region. Far wiser than most people, and capable of getting along with anyone.

Thorak Glensdale (THOH-rack)

Jaded, experienced, and self-interested. Thorak is a half-orc from the Stampeders in the South who has only known tension in his life. A former soldier who was suddenly outcast from the majority-human army he served in for many years. He turns to morally-dubious means to survive, and teaches Finn and Agrat all they know about banditry.

Arnold Loruk (LOW-ruk)

Arnold is a fourth-orc with Stampeder background, but feels nothing but frustration and dislike for humans as an adult. Without any real goals in mind, he joins Finn because wandering aimlessly with a friend is better than doing it alone. A life of freedom without strings or weights appeals to him more than anything else.

Grasha Uthordar (GRAH-shah)

Stubborn, loving, and intelligent. Grasha knows when she’s right and has little tolerance for those who argue otherwise. A skilled horse breeder before her exile. She dislikes most humans, but dislikes the Blackskulls’, insular nature almost as much. Despite the Blackskulls’ faults, she wishes for their betterment.

Bentrar Uthordar (ben-TRAHR)

A Blackskull orc and Agrat’s uncle. Devoutly religious, but also pragmatic. Takes life slow and stops for little joys. He’s the Suthak–religious leader–of Rek’gor for the tribe.

Friedrich Bitar (bih-TAR)

A human who studies anthropology at Farcal University, the preeminent school of the region. He struggles with interacting with other people in part because he’s autistic. Well-meaning, curious, thorough, and wishes he could have been around for Agrat and Grasha.

Horace Fletcher

A fourth-orc with Kilverud heritage. He keeps his racial background a secret from his community and his family. Paranoid, but also detached, and looking to connect with his roots in the safest way possible. A hunter by trade who teaches Finn everything he needs to know about a bow.

Victoria Fletcher

For years, Victoria and Horace tried to have children, but after multiple attempts, only Finn survived. Devoted to her religion, the church of the human-turned-goddess Chessere. She’s a tremendously skilled artist who weaves tapestries for wealthy and powerful people, and supports her family through commission work. Victoria’s religious and cultural upbringing cause her to fear and despise orcs. She does not know Horace’s background.

Melanie Willowleaf

A halfling from mostly-elven stock who manages the farm her family owns and operates. She’s a doting mother and she loves to garden. She keeps her husband grounded–while his head is off in the clouds with dreams and ambitions, she provides the advice and resources to make those goals a reality.

Gregory Willowleaf

A mostly-elven halfling with dreams of making a name for himself and the business his father’s father started. He wants to put his hometown, Greenston, on the map and create business ties with the rest of the region. One of the first to support the expansion of the central government in Helotak to create a united Veiadokuur. More than anything, he wants his son to take Willowleaf Co. to the west coast.