Trans-Galactic Bike Ride Kickstarter – Live! Plus a story excerpt!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share that the Kickstarter Campaign for the Trans-Galactic Bike Ride, a Queer Feminist SFF anthology, is now live! This anthology features stories from a ton of awesome writers, all centering on transgender characters. Please check it out!

My short story, “Rovers,” is also included in this collection. Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the story, which follows a courier named Fetch as he bikes from Community to Community.

Outside the frame of what was once Oldfather Hall in Lincoln, Nebraska, Fetch loaded letters, packages, and supplies—gathered from hours of digging through abandoned homes and businesses. The correspondence—everything he carried was “correspondence”—stacked high in his cart, and he considered expanding the carriage, but the bigger size made his bike too cumbersome around winding roads or uphill tracks. He tied everything down, instead.

            The people in this Community were friendly enough, he supposed. With the time his rounds took, someone might be dead the next time he returned. The only people he saw more often than twice a year were other couriers—too busy, too rushed to stop and chat.

            He uncapped his canteen and one of the residents poured carbon-filtered water into it. Her name was Liz, he was pretty sure.

            “Thanks,” Fetch said. Liz nodded and set the big pitcher down. “So, did you get the stuff I asked about last time? The testosterone?” He spoke in a quiet voice once he saw her expression shift from neutral to tense.

            “Trust me, Fetch, I advocated as much as I could for you,” she said. He deflated and she patted his shoulder with a tight smile. She always seemed so uncomfortable with him. “I know it’s hard, but medicine’s tough. Any factories these days are geared for, well, life-saving drugs.” He shook her hand away.

            “Right. Sure. See you.” Never mind. Before the wells ran dry, before the mines all collapsed, they hadn’t quite gotten to trans folks’ needs yet. The many still voted on the needs of the few today.

            Fetch went back to his bike, where a couple of kids pointed at the solar panel on its motor. He shooed them away, saw their sad faces, and decided to talk to them to sate his guilt.

            “How fast does it go all charged up?” one kid said.

            “Twenty miles per hour or so,” Fetch said.

            “Why don’t you have a partner like the other couriers?” the other kid said. Fetch remembered the peculiar looks he got from people whenever he visited Communities, or even bumped into other couriers. Remembered that feeling of walking just beside his body, never aligning with it. It hurt—all of it.

            “I just like the solitude,” he said. He strapped on his gear—leather pants, boots, jacket, elbow and knee pads, gloves, helmet. A survival dagger at his belt. Legally, it was supposed to be strapped sideways across his back. But these days, the government had no presence. Suits never bothered him.

            Fetch kicked up the stand on his bike, hit the motor’s switch, and sped off. It puttered away towards Des Moines with a hum and a shake.

Thank you for reading! Again, if you’d like to check out the Kickstarter to support this awesome publication, you can view it after this link.

The Life of Lou Project

I’m happy to share a project I’ve been working on over the course of the past couple months, all dedicated to Louis Sullivan. Lou was one of the most important figures in transgender history, and his activist work is why we separate gender identity and sexual orientation today. He’s also one of my personal heroes.

The Life of Lou Project aims to trace his life from birth to death, and collect all of his published writings. Future goals include creating a geographical and relationship map based on his letters and postcards, transcribing key diary entries, and keeping an archive of all the newsletters for FTM International, the support group Lou founded.

For now, I have collected his works from Metamorphosis Magazine and GPU News, as well as two of the three editions of Information for the Female-to-Male Crossdresser and Transsexual. I also have made a timeline of his early life, with timelines for his transition and later life oncoming.

This project was initially a semester-long assignment for a class I’m taking, but I intend on working on this for the long term. Please give it a look!

Exciting News!

Oh wow, this update has been a long time coming. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten this website; the Art page has gotten a load of new pieces for your viewing pleasure, and I have also made additional (minor) edits to the About page.

But more importantly–and far more excitingly–I’m delighted and honored to announce that my short story, “Rovers,” will be published in the upcoming book Trans-Galactic Bike Ride, edited by Lydia Rogue and published by Elly Blue Publishing. The next step will be to Kickstart the book, though the team will also respect and support Kickstarter United’s ongoing fight, too. There will be more information on that later! For now, here’s the cover of the book–it looks awesome. And here’s a little about “Rovers,” as well:

“Rovers” follows Fetch, a courier in a post-apocalyptic world. In his dangerous but critical job, he rides lonely roads between Communities, avoiding hyperstorms, raiders, and the mutants that stalk the night. He sticks to himself, preferring the solitude to biking for days with someone who doesn’t get him. Then, while out on a job, he meets Den–an injured man in need of a lift to the scaffolds of civilization. Fetch hates cliches, but he soon realizes that meeting Den will change his life forever.

Once the Kickstarter launches, I’ll publish an excerpt from “Rovers” for y’all to check out.

As always, thank you for checking in, and take care!

– Marc

Buy me a coffee?

The link to my Ko-Fi account has been on my Links page for some time now, but I think it’s worth its own post here. If you enjoy my work and would like to support me, consider sending $3 my way! I also take small commissions via this method–if you buy three coffees ($9) for me, I’ll draw a black and white headshot of whatever character you want. Just be sure to include a link to a visual reference of some sort in your message to me, as well as a way to contact you. All headshots will be posted there when I’m finished.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

Updated About & Character Page Added!

Hello all!

I realized it may be helpful to have more general information about Veiadokuur, its people, and the main characters here, since as of now, much of what I’ve shared is bits and pieces or short stories. That said, I updated my About page to have a little more background about the story, and added a Characters page with all the major players.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate your support more than you know!