The Stories

Veiadokuur: A place united solely by its peoples’ participation in the Long War, a destructive event that ended only when magic itself grew too weak to sustain the conflict. Everything about it, from its name to its boundaries, represents a compromise. Despite the fact that it ended hundreds of years in the past, the people of Veiadokuur–orcs, humans, hobgoblins, and halflings–still carry its baggage, and still see the unnerving scars it left in its wake. Ruins mar the land, and few major cities thrive, giving way to political and cultural tension between the groups as they try to survive in a world that’s still recovering. While the city of Helotak attempts to centralize the government of the region and standardize the way of life of the people, corruption festers and sways the decisions and priorities of those in power.

Finn and Agrat are only two of Veiadokuur’s inhabitants. Both racial rejects, queer outcasts, and orcish by blood, they do what they must to get by. They begin their life together as lowly criminals, partners only out of necessity, but eventually become partners in love. As they travel the region and search for a better life, they find themselves caught in the net of a budding genocide and its resistance movement. Their decisions turn them into heroes–willing and unwilling–and influence the tide of history around them.

The stories posted here might be snippets from their overall narrative, or side-tales written as a way to flesh out the world, its people, and its events.

Finn and Agrat had adventures in another time and place, too. When I first created these two for a Dungeons and Dragons game and needed to learn more about them as people, I wrote about their activities in my DM’s world. Some of the tales here reflect the events in those games.

To differentiate between each universe, entries are tagged with either “Veiadokuur”or “D&D”. This is a necessary distinction, because the characters’ lives are tremendously different depending on which universe the story takes place in. For example, Finn is a half-orc with green skin in D&D, and in Veiadokuur he’s 1/8 orc and very human-looking. (D&D!Finn started as 1/8 orc, but died and returned to life as a half-orc.) The gods they worship, the way magic works, their experiences, and the enemies they face are all different, but their core personalities are the same.

The Writer

Marcus W. graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with degrees in English and history.  Currently, he works at the University of Nebraska – Omaha, and is pursuing a certificate in Digital Humanities. He’s a gay transgender man who writes about other gay transgender men, and he loves orcs, TTRPGs, birds, spiders, insects, comics, ruins, travelling, and drawing with whatever he can get his hands on. He lives in Lincoln with his partner and their two cats. Additionally, Marc created and manages a biographical site dedicated to the life of Louis Sullivan, one of the most important figures in transgender history. 

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